International Products

Brawn’s international business is spread over 32 countries across Latin America, CIS, South East Asia and African regions with own offices in Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Ethiopia and Congo. The Panama office is about to be inaugurated.

We take a lot of pride in our relationships with our local partners in different countries since we believe in only long term business relationships which paves way for perfect understanding to overcome the day to day challenges.

We have more than 800 product registrations already in our kitty whereas more than 300 registrations are in progress in different countries of our operation.

We have an impeccable record of shipments in time which helps us to come up to expectations of our partners in terms of planning and dependence.

Domestic Products

The domestic operations span across the length & breadth of India. With a field strength of more than 300 Medical Representatives and Managers calling on nearly 45000 doctors and 30000 pharmacies every month. The operation covers a large number of small and big hospitals across the country touching all major specialities.

The critical care division focuses on major super specialities promoting high end products for critical care including cardiology, anaesthesia, micro surgery and others.

Institutional Products

The institutional department covers major government, semi government and private institutions participating in tenders. Brawn regularly supplies to prestigious Indian institutions like Armed Forces, Railways, AIIMS, state governments and others.

Brawn Herbal

To take forward and strengthen the green initiative, we at ’Brawn Herbals’ have initiated a wide range of Herbal Products. The company is engaged in manufacturing, export and supply of exclusive range of Herbals products.”

With a team of highly motivated and seasoned industry professionals, we carefully select the active herbal essentials to be incorporated in our range of herbal products for utmost satisfaction and imparting goodness of mother nature to the mankind.

By saying yes to herbal products, we not only save ourselves from health hazard causing chemicals used in modern days cosmetic products but also contribute our bit in concerning and promoting pollution free environment.

Herbal Cosmetics & Beauty Products :

Loperle Soap Bar, Loperle Face Wash, Loperle Body Lotion, Loperle Body Butter, Loperle Cold Cream, Loperle Fairness Cream, Loperle Scrub, Loperle Shampoo, Loperle onditiner, Loperle Massage Oil, Loperle Face Pack, Loperle Hand Wash, Loperle Wipes, Loperle Sunscreen Lotion, Acnedis Soap Bar, Cool Soap Bar, Calvomin Body lotion, Befress Face Wash, Bralevera cleansing soap bar & face wash, Bavitra Soap Bar & Face Cream, Brabyma Cream, Brabyma Lotion, Brabyma Soap Bar, Brabyma Nappy Rash cream, Brabyma Shampoo, Brabyma Hair oil, Brabyma Body oil, Brabyma wipes

Herbal Healthcare Products :

Halsa Brucuf Syrup, Halsa Pain Balm, Halsa Gripe Water, Halsa Dent, Halsa Green Tea, Halsa Mosqurun

Herbal wellness for Women :

Welfem Women Vaginal Wash, Welfem Brasilky Cream, Welfem back216, Welfem Gentheel Cream, Welfm Breast enlargement cream

Herbal Lights & Aroma :

Tealight Burners, Decorative Candle, Tealight Candles, Reed Diffuses, Incense sticks & cones, Fragrance Gist set