Pocket-Sized 100% Natural

Product provides instant relief

  • Sneezing
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Headaches
  • No side-Effects
  • Motion Sickness symptoms
  • Other Cold-related Symptoms
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Complete Herbal Solution

Get rid of a common cold and associated headache without the dizziness, lethargy, and bad taste in the mouth that accompanies common cold medication with Ach…OO 2 in1inhaler.

The unique two-way best inhaler and oil applicator system helps you choose a convenient way to use the product. With natural essential oils and herbal ingredients, Ach…OO 2 in 1 Inhale & Apply is safe for children (over 6years), people with respiratory issues, cardiac issues and for pregnant or lactating women.

Getting the benefit of an inhaler along with a feature of an applicator is a blessing for those whose cold and headaches problems have become a nightmare. Ach…OO is an instant solution for cold.

First time in


01 Benefits of 2 in 1 concept

03 Double Action for Multiple Problem

05 Long shelf Life of 2 years

02 Pocket size/ easy to carry

04 Safe in Pregnancy

06 100% Blend of Natural Actives

An Aid to Control Cold and Headaches

Our product is the result of uniquely useful 100% herbal ingredient extracted from nature which not only has medicinal values and but also has no side effects. The unique blend of Menthol crystal, Camphor crystal along with Wintergreen oil and Eucalyptus oil makes it stand taller in the competition.

herbal solution for nose block
	Instant solution for cold

Benefits of Natural Herbs

This product is loaded with overwhelming properties of menthol, and camphor crystal vapours help to soothe congestion and irritated nasal or throat passages and also relieve cold symptoms which cause localized vasodilatation, allowing the feelings of comfort and warmth. It is an herbal solution for nose block.

Magic of Essential Oil’s

Wintergreen and eucalyptus essential oil’s inhalation or gentle massage gives analgesic, relaxant and anodyne action which numb the pain & also induce relaxed good sleep. The usage of essential oils for headaches is the best herbal remedies for headaches. Overall it offers the healing benefits to cure for different respiratory issues such as chest congestion, nasal blockage, and spasmodic coughs. Due to its super handy feature it is perfect roll on for headache. Ach…OO is the 2 in 1 usage of ach...oo and its specially designed easy to carry feature has made this product an outstanding one.

Reward yourself with healthy and happy sleep by using ACH…OO 2 in 1. Bye-Bye cold, congestion and headaches.
Essential oils for headaches

Properties of Ingredients


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I am very sensitive to climate change and their associated problems. I have used Achoo 2 in 1 and it really works to control those symptoms very well.

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The concept is very cool, for me it’s very helpful while traveling to get relief from headache kind of problem. No need to carry medicines for such problems.

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I am impressed with 2 in 1 concept, no need to carry too much medicines, very handy with key rings, effective with natural ingredients.